Gorkhmaz Abbaszade

Gorkhmaz Abbaszade


Ph.D. student



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Research area:

Heavy metal contamination and Bioremediation, Bacteria mineral interactions



European Association of Geochemistry (2018- )

Hungarian Society for Microbiology (2019-)

Hungarian Geological Society (2019-)

International Society for Environmental Biogeochemistry (2019-)


Selected publications:


Abbaszade G., Velijanova M. & Japharov E. (2016) Dynamics of changes Malondialdehyde in leaves of corn (Zea Mays L.) in the individually and collectively effects of radiation and salt stress (in Russian with English abstract). XXI International Scientific-Practical Conference “Modern Concepts of Scientific Research”. Journal of “Евразийский Союз Ученых №34”, December 30, 2016, Moscow (Russia), (ISSN 2411-6467), 12-15.


Jafarov E., Velijanova M. & Abbaszade G. (2017) Biometrical indices and activity of superoxide dismutase under salt stress for Pisum L., seeds of which before sowing were subjected to gamma irradiation (in Russian with English abstract). Cognitio, XVIII International Scientific-Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Science of the XXI century”, January 31, 2017, Moscow (Russia), (ISSN 5647- 2412), 5-9.




Abbaszade, G., Tserendorj, D., Tan, D., Salazar, N., Toth, E., Zachary, D., Volgyesi, P. & Szabo, Cs. Environmental geochemical and microbiological studies on urban soil from former industrial city Salgotarjan, Hungary.  EGU 2019 conference, 07-12 April 2019, Wien, Austria.


Abbaszade, G., Toumi, M., Keki, Z. & Toth, E. Isolation of heavy metal tolerant bacteria from contaminated urban soils. “Power of microbes in industry and environment 2019” conference, 15-18 May 2019, Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia. Abstract book, 102.


Abbaszade, G., Szabo, A., Toumi, M. & Toth, E. Whole genome sequence analysis of the heavy metal resistant bacterium Cupriavidus campinensis S14E4C. 18th International Congress of the Hungarian Society for Microbiology, ELTE, Hungary, 03-05 July 2019.


Abbaszade, G., Tserendorj, D., Tan, D., Salazar, N., Toth, E., Zachary, D., Volgyesi, P. & Szabo, Cs. Assessment of urban soil heavy metal contamination and bioremediation potential. Goldschmidt2019, Barcelona, Spain, 18-23 August 2019.


Abbaszade, G., Szabo, A., Zachary, D., Toth, E. & Szabo, Cs. Biogeochemical analysis of potentially toxic elements in Hungarian urban soils and the possibility of bioaugmentation from genomic perspective. ISEB2019, Potsdam, Germany, 22-27 September 2019, Abstract book, 72.