Márialigeti Károly

Márialigeti Károly


professor emeritus



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Introduction / Short CV:

MSc: 1976

PhD: 1985

habilitation: 2006

DSc: 2009


Research area:

Microbial ecology, environmental microbiology and -biotechnology. E.g. soil metagenomic investigations to improve sustainable soil productivity, development of bioremediation methods for PAH pollutions, bioremediation of chlorinated short-chain hydrocarbons, microbiology of natural waters

Teaching activities:

  • Chapters from classical and molecular bacteriology (molbakmb17em)
  • Classical and molecular bacterial taxonomy (baktaxmb17em)
  • Environmental biochemistry (aa2n1040e)
  • Microbiology of environmental protection (kvemikmb17em)
  • Human microbiology (embmikmb17em)


  • Fanni Tóth (PhD): Microbiological background of white button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) and oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) production, with particular attention on the potential present mycotoxins
  • Katalin Polgár-Bereczki (PhD): Rhisosphere metagenom analysis of Quercus sp. and Robinia sp.

Selected publications:

Nagymáté, Zs., Homonnay, Z.G., Márialigeti, K. 2016. Investigation of Archaeal and Bacterial community structure of five different small drinking water networks with special regard to the nitrifying microorganisms. Microbiological Research 188-189, 80-89. DOI: 10.1556/030.65.2018.008

Vajna, B., Szili, D., Nagy, A., Márialigeti, K. 2012. An improved sequence-aided T-RFLP analysis of bacterial succession during oyster mushroom substrate preparation. Microbial Ecology 64, 702-713. DOI: 10.1016/j.funbio.2015.10.003

Bohus, V., Tóth, E.M., Székely, A.J., Makk, J., Baranyi, K., Patek, G., Schunk, J., Márialigeti, K. 2010. Microbiological investigation of an industrial ultra pure supply water plant using cultivation-based and cultivation-independent methods. Water Res 44, 6124-6132. DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2010.07.006

Táncsics, A., Szabó, I., Baka, E., Szoboszlay, S., Kukolya, J., Kriszt, B., Márialigeti, K. 2010. Investigation of catechol 2,3-dioxygenase and 16S rRNA gene diversity in hypoxic, petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater. Syst Appl Microbiol 33, 398-406. DOI: 10.1016/j.syapm.2010.08.005

Sipos, R., Székely, A.J., Palatinszky, M., Révész, S., Márialigeti, K., Nikolausz, M. 2007. Effect of primer mismatch, annealing temperature and PCR cycle number on 16S rRNA gene-targetting bacterial community analysis. Fems Microbiol Ecol 60, 341-350. DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2007.00283.x

Nikolausz, M., Sipos, R., Révész, S., Székely, A., Márialigeti, K. 2005. Observation of bias associated with re-amplification of DNA isolated from denaturing gradient gels. FEMS Microbiol Lett 244, 385-390. DOI: 10.1016/j.femsle.2005.02.013

Kovács, G., Burghardt, J., Pradella, S., Schumann, P., Stackebrandt, E., Márialigeti, K. 1999. Kocuria palustris sp. nov. and Kocuria rhizophila sp. nov., isolated from the rhizoplane of the narrow-leaved cattail (Typha angustifolia). Int J Syst Bacteriol 49, 167-173. DOI: 10.1099/00207713-49-1-167