Laura Jurecska

Laura Jurecska


research fellow


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Introduction / Short CV:

PhD: 2015

Research area:

Bioremediation of areas contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Chemical characterisation of unique aquatic habitats and wastewaters.

Teaching activities:

  • Basic instrumental methods in biochemistry
  • Bioinorganic chemistry
  • Chemical and biological treatment of wastewater
  • Chemical damages and protection of the environment

Selected publications:

Nagymáté, Zs., Jurecska, L., Romsics, Cs., Tóth, F., Bódai, V., Mészáros, É., Szabó, A., Erdélyi, B., Márialigeti, K. 2020. Preparation and characterization of site-specific dechlorinating microbial inocula capable of complete dechlorination enriched in anaerobic microcosms amended with clay mineral. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 36 (2), Article number 29. doi:

Kovács-Bodor, P., Anda, D., Jurecska, L., Óvári, M., Horváth, Á., Makk, J., Post, V., Müller, I., Mádl-Szőnyi, J. 2018. Integration of In Situ Experiments and Numerical Simulations to Reveal the Physicochemical Circumstances of Organic and Inorganic Precipitation at a Thermal Spring. Aquatic Geochemistry, 24 (3) 231-255, doi:

Boros, E., Jurecska, L., Tatár, E., Vörös, L., Kolpakova, M. 2017. Chemical composition and trophic state of shallow saline steppe lakes in central Asia (North Kazakhstan). Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 189 (11), Article number: 546. doi:

Felföldi, T., Jurecska, L., Vajna, B., Barkács, K., Makk, J., Cebe, G., Szabó, A., Záray, G., Márialigeti, K. 2015. Texture and type of polymer fiber carrier determine bacterial colonization and biofilm properties in wastewater treatment. Chemical Engineering Journal, 264, 824-834.

Jurecska, L., Barkács, K., Kiss, É., Gyulai, G., Felföldi, T., Törő, B., Kovács, R., Záray, G. 2013. Intensification of wastewater treatment with polymer fiber-based biofilm carriers. Microchemical Journal, 107, 108-114.


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